noah at 9 months

It's hard to believe that our baby is already 9 months old.

Actually, it makes me panic.  Only 3 months until he's 1 whole year. 3 months until his month birthdays are over. How has time passed so quickly?! Have I recorded and memorized every important moment in his very important  very first year? Probably not...

But, at least, here he is now...Noah at 9 months:

Noah LOVES to brush his own teeth. When we brush our teeth without him, he cries.

He growls like a tiger (he has even scared dogs with his growling.) He has seen 2 real tigers.

He laughs when we tickle his tummy and He LOVES when we kiss his feet.

He has 4 teeth (they're big!) (2 more are on the way)

He throws every object he can get his hands on (which is an amazing amount of stuff). He can reach amazing distances.

He stands and shuffles around supporting himself with one hand. The rest of the time he crawls around with a speed that's shocking.

He loves to stretch.

He thinks our plant pots are sand boxes. He eats our plants.  He eats sand. He chews on our shoes. He eats books and actually paper of all kind. He's not picky. Sometimes he even feeds me his food and wipes my mouth with a napkin. (he thinks this is hilarious)

He tries to cuddle with other babies, but he scares other babies (he pulls hair.) He can also scream really load!

His favorite thing is his reflection... He doesn't wave goodbye, but he waves to himself in the mirror.

 He has a favorite stuffed animal.

He can open almost all of our (low) kitchen cabinets and drawers.

He has fallen A LOT testing his boundaries. He has 2 bruises.

He loves the broom. He's scared of the vacuum.

He has flown on a plane. He has been in 4 countries.

He loves the bath and 'painting' on the bathtub. He's been swimming in a pool, once, and loved it.

He 'plays' the 'drums.' He likes to dance.

He HATES going to sleep.
He gives us huge slobbery wet kisses and nice tight hugs.
I’m pretty surprised by all that he is after such a short time here. We’re really lucky. He’s keeping us on our toes!

4 thoughts on “noah at 9 months

  1. I loved this blog entry! Your little man… and what you love about him… the very artistic black-and-white photos… his smile… so touching!

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