I like my life in Germany. Perhaps the only possibility for me to stop and settle was to do it someplace foreign. Somewhere, where there is still mystery, still something to understand, something to misunderstand and something to discover for the first time.

Not that the USA lacks in potential discoveries. It’s just that it’s in a different way. It’s home.

                                                 The longer I’m in Germany, the more I realize how inescapably American I am and sometimes I long for the America that lingers in my mind and creeks in my bones.

                                    I long for the America that has become idealized in my mind.

                                                   Like an unattainable crush, where just the idea of their perfection and beauty makes them into an ideal.

                               Like an old memory of something sweet and sour, that remains only sweet in the mind.

                                         Like old friends and family, whose imprinted faces remain young while time ages them in reality.

                                       I’m comforted by my idealised America. I love that it’s always there when I close my eyes.

(all beautiful landscape images by irene suchockis + above from kinfolk)

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